FAZ ( cvr DK37290017) was established in 2016, it is a small privately owned company producing educational resources with a focus on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). FAZ offers evaluation, support, and guidance services for educational projects.

FAZ offers assistance to educational institutions across Denmark with a main focus on vocational and adult teaching institutions responsible for language teaching to immigrants and refugees. FAZ delivers workshops on bi-lingual learning across Denmark, e.g. to colleges involved in EBBD.

In 2018 FAZ became a partner in the COOL project (CLIL Online Open Learning), which was a 36 months Erasmus+ project coordinated by UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE VALENCIA, The CLIL Open Online Learning (COOL) project involves a consortium of partners with a combined wealth of experience inlanguage pedagogy and the training of teachers. The project aims to develop resources and training for teachers in the HE sectorwith a specific focus on increasing the uptake of the Content and Language Integrated Learning methodology, which has a proventrack record of success in other sectors, but has not yet been widely adopted in the HE sector.

In 2022 Kent Andersen became a volunteer at EfVET.org He is presently assisting a very interesting EC Co-funded project titled BIRGIT – training on Building Information models integrated with Geographical Information. BIRGIT aims to develop interdisciplinary training courses that will provide students with competences for successful BIM-GIS integration. Read about BIRGIT from https://birgitproject.eu/

In 2023 Kent Andersen started finding ways of combining ai and Language learning/teaching: E.g. Use of ChatGPT in Clilstore (https://Clilstore.eu):

One can use ChatGPT (https://chat.openai.com) to prepare Clilstore units for students at different ELP levels. An example: Go to ChatGPT and enter “What is a Wankel motor”, copy the produced text and enter “Rewrite the following text to ELP level B1:” followed by pasting the copied text.

The ELP A1 unit can be tested from https://clilstore.eu/cs/11506 which has links to three levels C1, B1, and A2.

One advantage of Clilstore is that all words are linked to dictionaries in numerous languages.